Every Family Kinex app is created especially for your campus and district. We believe every school is unique so their mobile app should be too! We do have buttons and features that have been created after surveying the needs of students, parents, and teachers but we will create buttons and functions especially for the needs of your campus too!


Bully Button: inspired by a California counselor, Eric Blanco, your campus will be more safe by giving students, parents, and teachers access to an interactive form where they can instantly report bullying. Report is sent to a designated e-mail account.




Parents Button: place important links, resources, forms, meeting schedules, and other information especially for parents here!





RSS Feed Button: the most used button on all our apps, the news and calendar feature syncs with campus online calendar and creates a social sharing button for increased participation at events, meetings, and games!




Clubs Button: highlight clubs, fine arts, and other organizations in their very own space that can feature schedules, results, social media, and contact information.



athleticsipadAthletics Button: inspired by a frustrated mother who was never given a schedule by her child, this button features schedules and scores so your fans will never miss another game!



contactipadContact Button: Family Kinex is a native app and this contact button features the dynamic tools built into the device including one-click e-mail function and one-click to call feature. Parents will now have the ability to e-mail administration, counselors, and the nurse with one click!


studentsipadStudents Button: students need their own space and this button opens to a menu screen that features access to student technology accounts, tutoring schedules, and student resources



teachersipadTeachers Button: we know the most important partnership on campus is between the family and teacher and our teacher button is an interactive directory of teachers that, when clicked, immediately opens to allow parents to e-mail teachers and foster the home-school relationship!


gradesipad Grades Button: give students and parents instant access to your current grading system by embedding it in the grading button. Increase the use of your portal and increase student success!



formsipadForms Button: become a paperless campus and increase survey and forms submission by giving accessibility to them through the forms button. Each interactive form is linked to an e-mail account when submitted.



schoolsipadSchools Button: Family Kinex is built at a campus and district level. If you choose to partner with us at a district level, this schools button will be placed on the homescreen and, when tapped, will open up to a visual list of campuses. The above buttons will then be accessible for every campus because personal campus space matters!


create your own buttonCreate your own Buttons: we’ve never stepped into a school that was exactly like the next so why should your app be? You can use the icons and functions above but we will work alongside you to create buttons that fit your campus needs!